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tongue twisters

here are some hard tongue twisters,say them 5 times fast!

1.Six sick slick slim sycamore saplings

2.Unique New York

3.toy boat (makes you sound Australian)

4.The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick

5.Shy Shelly says she shall sew sheets

6.Three free throws

7.Cheap ship trip

8.Twelve twins twirled twelve twigs

9.The boot black bought the black boot back

10.Greek grapes

go to Hssa site!


long time no see

hey everyone sorry i haven’t beeen posting for awhile

heres this crazy video we saw in are science class!

hssa sorry i can’t give you those prizes i don’t have  time realy sorry, but instead i will advertise your site on every post i do for a month !



thanks everyone for entering lets go over all the entrys

umphulump55: “So THIS is what’s been leaving snowballs on my yard?”

drkshadow:“Apparently Disney ran outta ideas. How else would they have come up with white puffle doo?”

shyshy6510: “What the heck happened here?Must’ve been one good snowball fight , I see no victims!”

Doggyz: “I better start asking some penguins to help me throw all these snowballs at the Baker for a free cake.”


and the winner is

Hssa here is what he said

“Is it just me? Or did someone poo A LOT in here?”

Hssa you will

get to be on my blogroll

get a sidebar widget saying you won

get to be on blogroll of the week

 and make 1 post on this site

funny stuff

since the contest is still going on i will show you these funey pics of squirrels that will make you go nuts!! (not funey)

have no fear super squirrel is here!


ha ha ha hah !


this is why people don’t have squirels as pets!


i hate country music ! (no offense to people who like country!)


hey everyone i want to show you this realy cool name thing Redcowz made me ,it’s so cool im gonna put it on my site



                   anyways i have my own xat chat so check it out!






one thing i hate is tornados my heart stops when ever i hear the siren go off!

here’s a wickedd video of a tornado and these pics

either this ladie is deaf or she is CRAZY!!!


all I can say is run!!!!!!

it’s the end of the world!

heres some crazy tornado footage!

my family (not realy)

i thought you all would like to see my family!


heres my dad


heres my mom


and heres my little baby brother